About Fysisk Format

Fysisk Format aims to be a label that artists come to for:

- Knowledge: Our understanding of music and how it is to be an artist. Our understanding of the listeners, their habits and their worldview.
- Network: We've been running the independt record store Tiger since 1996 and the label since 2008. People we meet tend to come back for more.
- Technology: Through our inhouse distribution service Diger Distro, we've got independent and industry leading phsyical and digital distribution.
- People at work: Kristian Kallevik is running the label, Maria Refsland is handling press and artist content, Ingrid Kallevik is running our inhouse vinyl and merchandising service, Diger Trykk
- The best partners: Member of Merlin and FONO/Impala. International physical distribution through PIAS/Integral, Soundpollution, Rillbar and PlasticHead. Synch work through Ekko Agency. Accounting through Tripletex and Gerhard & Sønn. We've worked with several PR agencies, including CZ!PR, Viral Propaganda, HoldTight, Prescription and many more.

Since 2008, Fysisk Format has been a consistent provider of musical expressions out of the ordinary. Through digitalisation and media revolutions, Fysisk Format has remained a reliable independent source of new music for the daring listener.

We're not so much about quantity and making hits (though it happens), we're more about quality - finding that one moment, that emotional solar plexus, where music changes everything. Nothing affects the world more than music.

The essential part of our artist deals is trust and mutual benefit. If we're not adding value, we're not involved. That's why we've upheld enduring collaborations with so many bands in our roster.

Fysisk Format is run from the basement of Tiger records. Most of the bands we are working with are in one way or another connected to the shop and the scene around it, either as customers, friends or through selling their demos here.

Here’s some press about the label:

Rockarolla: Fysisk Format label focus
Visions: Generalist für Subkulturen (in German)
Puls: Idealismen råder i bransjerota (in Norwegian)
Ballade: Substans i Fysisk Format (in Norwegian)

Our logo:

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