Bilde av bandet

SIBIIR from Oslo (Norway) formed in 2014, and have been polishing their special brand of blackened hardcore ever since. Taking their name from Siberia in Russia definitely suits their style: Cold metal with hints of hardcore, thrash, black gaze, and a tasteful, fearless joy of pushing genre boundaries.

SIBIIR released their debut single in September 2015, a 7" with the tracks Swallow & Trap Them! and These Rats We Deny, on Norwegian underground label Disiplin Media. The tracks were mixed by Andreas R. Westhagen from Carnival Kids / Twin Pines Mall, and mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE (Sleep, Obliterations, Converge, All Pigs Must Die, Wolves in the Throne Room, Deafeater, Obituary +++).

Swallow & Trap Them! was premiered exclusively on, who wrote: "This is one of those songs you pretty much have to be a crazy person not to dig ...".
These Rats We Deny premiered on, who had this to say about the release: "These two songs, the first ones ever recorded, already exude a remarkable confidence and cohesion and although the Norwegians aren’t exactly new to the game, this achievement truly deserve some plaudits".

In June 2016 SIBIIR went into legendary Caliban Studios in Oslo with producer Andreas R. Westhagen to record their debut album. After seven days ten tracks were done. The album was mixed by Andreas R. Westhagen and mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE. SIBIIR eventually signed with norwegian label Fysisk Format, who amongst others have artists like Arabrot, Okkultokrati, Blood Command, Beachheads, Ondt Blod, NAG, Nils Bech and ATTAN on their roster.

The first single from the debut album was premiered exclusively by Music&Riots Magazine, who wrote this about the track called Bekmörke (which means Pitch Black): "Rhythmically energizing and revitalizing, “Bekmörke” is also an authentic parade of riffs that combines a memorable nature with an overall bleak and piercing approach. ...yet another horrifically pleasant surprise coming out of Norway ...".

The second single Guillotines premiered at Terrorizer, while the video for Beat Them to Death was presented by Metal Injection who thought "SIBIIR is fucking great".

The S/T album was released in December 2016, making many of the year's top lists, and was hailed by Terrorizer as "a savage". From Bekmörke’s second wave of black metal and hardcore fusion, via the relentless tempo of Beat Them To Death, to the catchiness of These Rats We Deny and White Noise, SIBIIR’s full length debut reeks of creativity and headbangable riffs.

Their critically acclaimed live shows both at clubs and festivals like Roskilde, Summer Breeze and Öya surely have given them quite a reputation so far - even earning them two tours in Europe with Kvelertak, and shows with Enslaved.


Vocals / Jimmy Nymoen
Guitars / Tobias Gausemel Backe
Guitars / Steffen Grønneberg
Bass / Kent Nordli
Drums / Eivind Kjølstad