Bilde av bandet

Daufødt (Norwegian for stillborn) is the bodily reaction to everything that is wrong in the world, sometimes taking the form of public diseases like autoimmunity, sometimes taking the form of the urge to lose control at a punk concert.

Daufødt has become a sought-after concert experience in very short time with their explosive energy and heralds with the single "Forbudte Frukter" a new era in Norwegian punk rock.

Though they hail from the deepest Norwegian bible belt, punk band Daufødt surely is a beast. Like no other band of today, they create an energy of power and liberation through their iconic live shows where the valkyrian stage command of front-woman and visual artist Annika unites us all in a brew of blood, sweat and hair.

With their debut album 1000 Island out Daufødt are already well on their way to create a movement. Your life is about to become Daufødt.

Photo: Gro Anita Homme