Bilde av bandet

Daufødt (Norwegian for stillborn) is the bodily reaction to everything that is wrong in the world, sometimes taking the form of public diseases like autoimmunity, sometimes taking the form of the urge to lose control at a punk concert.

Daufødt has become a sought-after concert experience in very short time with their explosive energy and heralds with the single "Forbudte Frukter" a new era in Norwegian punk rock.

Though they hail from the deepest Norwegian bible belt, punk band Daufødt surely is a beast. Like no other band of today, they create an energy of power and liberation through their iconic live shows where the valkyrian stage command of front-woman and visual artist Annika unites us all in a brew of blood, sweat and hair.

As one of the most sonically challenging and visually unique bands of their generation, Daufødt swept the floor of the underground with their debut "1000 Island" and won a Norwegian Grammy in the ROCK category. They could easily become the NEXT BIG NAME IN ROCK, but - no thanks! got other things to do. Instead, the Daufødt-gang circled back to the underground, hooked up with Lasse Marhaug, associated Sunn0)))-member and recent producer of Jenny Hval and Thurston Moore.

On Aromaterapi, Marhaug has challenged the band on all levels and pumped them into ABSOLUTE SONIC MAYHEM-mode, giving associations to similar noise-rock-mongers as Napalm Death, Swans, The Body and Årabrot. Likewise, the scorning lyrics of the debut that made local billionaires spam singer Annika with self-righteous messenges has been sharpened into something even more destructive and dangerous. Enjoy it while you can!

The band says:

- The soundscape on the album is carefully shaped together with Lasse and Kim. It distorted and shattered - with some rather violent choices, and we feel like that it is something that is needed in such unstable times as we live in. Aromatherapy is a sonic condition report from being young in 2022.

Daufødt consists of bassist Eskild Myrvoll (Mall Girl, Kanaan, Blodkvalt), vocalist, visual artist and designer Annika Linn Verdal Homme, guitarist Eirik Albrethsen Reithaug (Blodkvalt) and drummer Mads Antonsen Gerzić, and they have quickly become a force to be reckoned with on the Norwegian rock scene. Daufødt is about both musical and physical transgression: a Daufødt show is a violent release of decibels and energy, while the music is all about tearing down both physical and figurative constructions. Half of Daufødt’s sound is firmly based in punk, while the other half is roaming around, smashing into noise rock, free improvisation and every dark corner of the underground imaginable. With the help from producer and noise-guru Lasse Marhaug they push the limits of punk music and achieve their ultimate goal: no listener should ever feel safe.

Their sophomore album "Aromaterapi" was released 23rd of september 2022.

Check out Aromaterapi here: