FY197 Frokedal

Frøkedal & Familien STAY

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FY197 Frokedal
1. Crushing Candies
2. Ellis Vals
3. Devil's Mushrooms
4. Fox In The Mall
5. Kan Du Velga
7. Springdans frå Tøyen
8. Old Mistakes
9. Summer In Fall

With STAY Frøkedal picks up the fiddle and re-interprets traditional Norwegian music as pop music. Along with Familien she explores a brighter, more densely populated fjord landscape, where folk-pop hooks and singalong rock melt seamlessly together with melodies and assymetric rhythms inspired by local music traditions.

STAY is Frøkedal & Familien daring us to believe that happiness may not be an unfulfilled potential somewhere else – but that it may exist right here, right now. It is an album portraying love and pain, roots and community.

STAY will be released on Fysisk Format on June 7th 2024.

Frøkedal – vocals, guitars
Olav Christer Rossebø – violins, mandola, langeleik, percussion, vocals
Selma French Bolstad – violins, vocals
Ingeleiv Berstad – violin, vocals
Erlend Ringseth – keys, vocals

Tomas Pettersen – drums
Anders Sundsteigen Hana – guitar on track 3, langeleik on track 5, jaw harp on track 7
Eirik Øien – double bass on track 2
Michael Barrett Donovan – violin on track 1

Written and arranged by Frøkedal

Springdans frå Tøyen as played by Olav Christer Rossebø
Recorded by Bård Ingebrigtsen and Hans Andreas Horntveth Jahnsen
Mixed by Bård Ingebrigtsen
Mastered by Karl Klaseie

Cover art by Andrea Serio
Design by Erlend Ringseth