SØN is about to be let loose. The title is a prohibition sign – a pop-protest in CAPS LOCK turning its back on light and conventions in pursuit of a new truth. «I’m letting go of the sunlight»

«There was definitely hesitation before we gave SØN a go in the studio. I guess we considered it one of the more difficult song. It starts off like a gentle sunrise, before the curtains are pulled down and a single tracked train of thought leaves the platform. However, the very fragmented diary from the studio says: SØN was surprisingly easy, we got a live version down in 2-3 attempts. (We) tried several takes afterwards, but the early version was – once again – the best. (I) doubled the melody bits in the guitar with crushed fuzz. The latter is not true, at least I cannot hear it anymore. Even diaries can’t be trusted, it seems»

SØN is the first single from Frøkedal & Familien’s upcoming long-player, Flora – an album recorded over a period of 10 days with Bård Ingebrigtsen in Amper Tone studio, Oslo. The session took place at the start of the warm season in 2020. Bright sunrays were stretching towards the nooks and crannies where the band had set up: Frøkedal singing, playing guitar, swaying and whispering into the microphone. The fiddle duo Olav Christer Rossebø and Ingeleiv Berstad with their heads close together in the fiddle booth. In the large room: Erlend Ringseth by the keyboards, facing the drumkit – where Olaf Olsen exchanged shifts with Elisabeth Mørland Nesset halfway through the recording process. The session was live, organic and intuitive. Nitpicking and metronomes were abandoned in search of unfiltered musical moments. Each song was played over and over again, until it found the life it was meant to be living.

Flora is Frøkedal's third album and will be released on Fysisk Format in the early summer of 2021.