Lost Girls remix of Christian Winthers "Moon"

Today we are releasing Lost Girls' remix of Christian Winthers "Moon" from his debut The Clearing. Winther describes the remix as an un-weaving of the Moon material. Out on all streaming platforms now! Cover by Espen Friberg.

Christian Winthers debut album "The Clearing" was released september 24 on Fysisk Format and the music is described as exploratory, interweaving imaginative pop leanings with intuitive guitars and poetic daydreaming. The album offers a fresh look on familiar surroundings, and now for the fans of the album, Lost Girls, the duo of Jenny Hval and Håvard Volden, offers a fresh look on "Moon".

"LOST GIRLS are two of my favorites! Their artistic output as Jenny Hval, Nude on Sand, and now LOST GIRLS has always been super inspiring. It was a bit like sending a wav signal into the ether. What came back - the remix - felt like an un-weaving of the Moon material, a curious dive into the fabric of the song, guiding listeners into details from the recording process and out again among the stars. Playing with the tracks through an old tape recorder, stripping away the beautiful cloud filters. A remix to dance abstractly and alone to." - Christian Winther

Check it out:

Photo: Christian Strand