Christian Winther - "The Clearing" - Quotes and impressions

Christian Winthers debut album "The Clearing" has received some pretty nice feedback! Here we have collected some of it.

"Beautiful new sounds from an instrument as thoroughly explored as the guitar" - Dagens Næringsliv

"Damn good to know that pop music can be both good, original and challenging." - Nettavisen

"Intimate and at the same time unmanageably large" - Jazznytt

"Always an artist who went in his own special way... impressive!" - Salt Peanuts*

"With hints of Nick Drake, Brazilian bossa nova and the post-rock Chicago scene ... this sounds awfully nice" - Morgenbladet

"Advanced and extremely well-sounding pop with the guitar in focus" - Deichman Musikk

"One of the most beautiful records of the year. Perhaps the most beautiful." - Stemmegaffel 

"Somewhere in the middle of daydreams and reality" - Ballade

"A piece of refined, intuitive guitar impressionism" - Disharmoni

Photo: Christian Strand

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