Bilde av bandet
TIMEWORN is a hard rocking band from the Vøyenbrua bridge in Oslo city Norway.  With a long legacy in the norwegian DIY-punk/metal scene and members from Eskatol and Summon the Crows to name a few. Timeworn like to play to play big riffs and bang the beat of the song on the door of the pickup truck. Venomous High is their second release, a big boned album with riffs about mysticism and lyrics about hoarding, dependency and anti-social behavior. The low atmosphere and deep rock legacy at legendary Oslo city Caliban Studios also made for a potent enviroment for laying down heavy muscular riffs.

Venomous High follows up their 2014 debut on Disiplin Media and expands on Timeworn’s already majestic sound, documenting a band with a strong artistic vision and deep affinity to the heritage of punk, metal and all things heavy. Brooding, eerie and slow-paced «Measure of Gold» is about the apathetic nature in which mankind is able to embody. «All Chiefs» is a more aggressive and intense track based 100 percent on the fiction around the character Buckaroo Banzai and his endeavours to the 8th dimension. «The Trail» a simple atmospheric interlude taking cues  from Black Peak Blues and building up to it’s beginning.

Nice knuckle dragging riffs with a catchy chorus to go along «Black Peak Blues» speaks about dependency, hoarding and escapisms that plague many lives in these modern times. «The Infectious Gloom» is the character Doomatron’s journey to sovereignty of mankind by obtaining a set of magical gauntlets accompanied by some groovy door slapping melodic riffs .Facepunching riffs and a soaring hook, «Ur Syntax»  is a pure H.P. Love(fest)craft (pun indented)

The lyrics are based on the fantastic comic «Neonomicon» by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows. «Night of Owls» is a big anthemic track sprinkled with some atmospheric parts for good measure. Based directly on the seminal arch «Court of Owls» from the Batman cannon. With a more intricate palette of riffs «Traitors to the Crown» takes yet again on a journey through Lovecraft’s themes of madness and ancient evil. Calm and abrasive «Venomous High» trods over both heavy and melodic parts alike with the lyrics taking you on journey through a bayou of misery and despair.

The band themselves describe the album as if Hans Zimmer (composer of Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean et al) grew up on hardcore, southern rock and 90s hiphop. “Venomous high is a dynamic and kinetic journey to the land of the Riff. We hope you don’t feel to much at home there and settle down for good”.

The big variety and pure quality of the Venomous High should offer any real fan of heavy music the full range of bodily reactions: From acknowlediging nods and subtle drumming of fingers on the table to all-out classic headbanging and shamanic seizures. Loose clothes and a sofa or padded floor recommended. Summerized, we can promise an album that holds enough riffs to fill an entire jukebox. Recorded and mixed by Ruben Willem (Haust, Djevel) and mastered by Brad Boatright. The artwork is by Deformat.