Thea & The Wild

Bilde av bandet

Thea & The Wild signed with Fysisk Format for the release of her third album "Deadheading" which will be released october 7th.

Thea & The Wild is getting ready to release the follow up for the album praised by NME and Rolling Stone moves from the city to the rural of Norway with catchy, lingering songs dominated by a soundscape with softer edges, characterized by rock, country gaze and nature-indie.

With the self-taught musician’s intuitive feeling for melody, Thea Glenton Raknes creates songs which linger and keep returning to one’s mind. With her debut as Thea & The Wild in 2014, she received brilliant response and acclaim, and was nominated to a Norwegian Grammy in the Indie category. When her second album “Ikaros“ was released in 2018, Rolling Stone Magazine highlighted it as one of 10 albums to stream, and NME wrote:

"Having quietly released one of 2018’s most impressive debuts with ‘Ikaros’, Thea & The Wild offer the kind of fist-clenching, abandon-free arena power-pop that Florence + The Machine‘s latest effort was lacking in. Imagine the open-road arena anthemics of Fleetwood Mac with the slick R&B edge of early Haim, and throw in the synthy showboating of Chvrches and you’ve got a rough sense of what this dark horse has to offer."

"Deadheading" is the gardener’s word for removing withered or dead flowers from plants, so the plant can use its energy to produce new, fresh flowers. For Thea Glenton Raknes, primary singer and songwriter of Thea & The Wild, this purgative action has powerful literal and figurative connotations. It speaks to something Thea has been doing since she cut the cord to her hometown of Oslo, and moved to the countryside. There, she created an oasis in her garden, and has spent her pandemic downtime, deadheading, reflecting back on her life, strumming her acoustic guitar, and patiently watching her prized tomatoes and strawberries ripen. Deadheading was recorded in between tending to plants in her paradisal garden annex with her partner Cato “Salsa” Thomassen of Madrugada.

Thea’s guitar playing is prominent on the album in its purest state—confident and uniquely stylistic with a personal pulse. Cato supports her vocals and guitar playing with drums, percussion, bass, electric guitar, piano, and keyboard. The album puts forth a stripped-back but cinematic Americana and folk production aesthetic thoughtfully-embellished by gentle electronic soundscapes. Deadheading recalls the roots-with-hooks songwriting sensibilities put forth by Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Planxty and Bruce Springsteen. The album’s songs are further informed by the empowering poetics of PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, and Kate Bush.

Deadheading will be released october 7th.