Bilde av bandet

RATTHEW is a do-it-yourself, queer, dada-punk band from Narvik/Lofoten. With the autonomous youth headquarter Blitz as their safe space and inspiration from Dadaism, camp aesthetics and queer club culture, they deliver an anarchic mix that defies conventional boundaries. We might as well mention The Knife and Prodigy as X-Ray Spex.

In the main musical roles we find fast drum breaks, raw and noisy instruments, and playful riot-grrrl vocals that pay tribute to the rebellious spirit of punk's heyday. This avant-garde yet down-to-earth approach injects a refreshing and unexpected twist on punk! RATTHEW's sound is testimony to their refusal to adapt, which makes them, in our opinion, a wonderfully distinct and refreshing addition to Norwegian music life.

RATTHEW was founded in 2019 by Samuel Dalheim (bassist and producer) and Wiktoria Krystyna Szmigiel (vocalist and songwriter). After meeting in high school, the duo decided to follow their dream of making music together, and moved to Oslo to try their luck. Their 2020 demo EP "eepee" was rejected during pitching for being "too experimental". The band thus had to take matters into their own hands.

Three years go by, now with guitarist Andreas Thingstad on the team and their own DIY label ZEEK PATROL RECORDS! After their live debut and the release of "Smack DVD" in January 2023, they have quickly made themselves known and sought after in Norway's alternative underground scene. They have been booked for, among others, by:Larm, Vill Vill Vest and Natt&Dag's Pride party during Oslo Pride! The band has also signed a record deal with Fysisk Format in the autumn of 2023, in Tigerstaden!

The band's DIY approach means they do everything themselves. Graphic design, production, mixing and mastering. The recording and songwriting process is heavily based on sampling and experimentation, which goes hand in hand with their Dadaist ideology.

Photo: Emil Samuelsen

"Streeter" music video