Bilde av bandet

From their self-built rehearsal space in an abandoned yarn factory on the west coast of Norway, ORMSKRIK have brewed up thrash metal in its blackest form since 2015. Though still in their teens, the guys give new life to the genre first pioneered by Slayer, Metallica and Anthrax and then evolved by Integrity, Toxic Holocaust and Power Trip. Having teamed up with metal legend Daniel Bergstrand and Norwegian underground stalwarts Fysisk Format, ORMSKRIK have produced a debut album that bears the mark of a modern thrash metal classic.

Ormskrik is:
Kristoffer Fikstvedt: Drums
Tormod Hansen: Guitars
Anders Gjerde Skjæveland: Guitars
Erik Bakke: Bass
Gjøran Kvammen Bårdsen: Vocals