Bilde av bandet

NAG (/na:g/) is a punk/metal trio from the Norwegian west coast. The band name is taken from the norse word for repressed anger and hatred, and it certainly suits their style. Although heavily influenced by the old-school of crust punk, hardcore and metal, they haven't simply recycled the sounds and themes of the past. Instead, they have overhauled and upgraded them. The result is a band tailor-made for post-social democratic Europe: Dark, hard, primitive, aggresive. And a bit strange.

The band's origins on Norway's west coast plays a key role in their sound and overall expression. NAG couldn't have existed anywhere else. After years of economic growth and prosperity, the European oil capital has been forced to look into the barrel of a gun called recession. Like the old empires, all great things must fall. The rich, prosperous and decadent has had their turn. Insecurity now reign. Desperate times call for brutal fucking hardcore punk. In 2015 NAG was formed.

Through organising DIY-shows and playing in a long list of bands (including Hold Fast and Agenda), the guys in NAG have been a central part of the west coast punk scene in Norway for years. The band members claim to be highly regular middle-class guys, but we’re not convinced - it takes a twisted and tortured soul to make music with this extreme level of aggression!

We see NAG in the forefront of things to come here in Norway. A new era of heavy music from a scene with a lot of history and great bands.