Bilde av bandet

There's no time to wonder what hit you when this chilling, postmetal breeze from Northern Norway comes down on you.

Kollwitz hails from Bodø, up north in Norway, a central place for hardcore punk and activism in the early 2000s. One of the key bands of this scene was The Spectacle, who dissolved in 2006 with some some of the members forming Kollwitz.

Praised by such outlets as Terrorizer and Rock Sound, the 2010 debut album "Like Iron I Rust" introduced Kollwitz’s musical straddling of both grandiose post-rock atmospherics and sludgy post-hardcore muscle. Their glacially paced sonic epics according to Terrorizer went “from Peaceful moments dripping with anticipation to full-blown anguished roars delivered over rolling crescendos that devastate as much as they inspire.”