Bilde av bandet

Ever since their inception in the underground scene of Bergen, Hjerteslag has been one of the country's very best and most popular rock bands. With vocalist Robert Eidevik's unmistakable and unique songwriter and text signature at the bottom, the band has been the premise supplier for melodic, noisy and street poetic music in Norwegian.

When the debut singles "Lasaronens Vår" and "Ikkje Tenk På Det" were released in 2014, Hjertelag was immediately positioned as one of the most exciting bands in Norway. And in the same year, hardly any other band generated more hype for their concerts.

Hjerteslag's first album "Møhlenpris Motell" was an undivided success at with critics, and with the sophomore album "Vannmann86" the band also enjoyed commercial attention - and especially with the radio hit "Sang Til Sonja" which was the second most played song on NRK P3 in 2016 - and as in the same year was voted the year's best song in the world (!) by Dagbladet.

For the third record "Nattseileren", vocalist Robert Eidevik also won the prestigious Edvard prize for his lyrics.

After a long and difficult pandemic period, a new Heartbeat is now being resurrected with a new cast. Behind Eidevik now stands a solid group of renowned musicians from Bergen and Scandinavia - none other than: Arve Isdal (Enslaved, Audrey Horne), Yngve Andersen (Blood Command) and Ivar Thormodsæter (Ulver).

Their new album "Tyvens Dagbok" will be released november 11th.