Bilde av bandet

One of Norway's most unique indie bands is back after 8 years! With lyrics in dialect from Fåvang in Gudbrandsdalen and music inspired by Radiohead's "Kid A", Tortoise's "TNT" and D'Angelo's "Black Messiah", Ekkolodd has concocted what will remain as a classic in Norwegian music history.

The music of Ekkolodd can best be described as experimental rock. The band borrows elements from various genres and has been experimenting with the soundscape since its inception. Among other things, they can be attributed to elements from exploratory rock, jazz, soul and electronic music.

Ekkolodd was formed in 2010 in Bergen and consists of Andreas Naustdal, Daniel Reichelt, Jarle Håland, Kim Morgan Morken, Mats Halvorsen and Øyvind Aase Fluge. In 2013, the band took part in the NRK P3 Urørtfinalen with the song "Perler". In 2013, the band released their debut album "Det bruse forbi me...". In 2015 they released their second album "Javel, Ravel?".

Ekkolodd's third album "Ha det hus!" will be released on Fysisk Format May 12th.