Trist Pike - Kjærlighet uten frykt - Quotes and impressions

Trist Pikes second album "Kjærlighet uten frykt", a ~33 minute record about the tribulations of experimental attempts at person-being and the pursuit of life-having under the thick hex of late capitalism, has received some interesting feedback! Here we have collected some of it.

"Kjærlighet uten frykt is the sound of urban alienation in the renaissance of the electro/synth pop. It is baked in to a non-comfortable, but ambitious album. ... Trist Pike ... with throbbing bass marks itself as a band worth listening to." - Universitas

"With a musical project centered around two guys shouting over minimalist, mechanical Kraftwerk synths, it's probably not broad appeal that is the duo's top priority.... The lyrics have a good dose of irony, where they take a slanted look at the modern challenges of capitalism, and the album offers a number of quote-worthy goodies. It is a witty and apt critique of situations that anyone who has felt that they do not reach the requirements of society can recognize themselves in." - Under Dusken

"Dramatic ditch disco at its very best" - Radio Revolt on the single "Naken i paradis (02:31)"

Interview with Radio Nova

Listen to "Kjærlighet uten frykt" here!