Thea & The Wild - Deadheading - Quotes and impressions

Check out quotes and impressions on Thea & The Wilds album "Deadheading"!

"... these moments feel more vibrant, hopeful, and authentic than ever before, as if Thea herself is entering full bloom ensconced in the Norwegian countryside." - Under the Radar

"The ten songs are all little candies ... beautifully arranged and well played, and which seems to have been created during very creative tornadoes. Her characteristic and bright voice also comes into its own better than before. Like a Kate Bush on concentrate, who has listened to more The Cure and The Church than Brian Eno and Roxy Music." - 5/6 - iTromsø

"It's easy to get carried away by songs like "Misery Mountain" and "Rip Tide". - Dagsavisen

"The album has a flavor of liberation: Raknes sounds like she's on a creative trial run, but still keeps to the foundations of pop. ... Her voice is heartfelt and full of contrasts. The words are often melancholic, and regularly compete with the organic melodies that suggest carefreeness." - 5/6 - Stavanger Aftenblad

"In Deadheading, Thea & The Wild have found the perfect balance between hurt and peace of mind, rock and tough. Every single song has its own thing and its own universe, but they are all tied firmly together with a common thread. You just have to check out this album." - Evig Lyttar

"This is the music I will put on during all road trips and general hanging out for the upcoming future" - P3, on the single Rip Tide

"With their third and completely fresh record, Thea & The Wild can boast even better songwriting than before - and then you know it's good. ...The result is a popped country gaze that smells of the type of plants that survive season after season. "The Moment" is one of these." -
Gaffa, on the song "The Moment"

"'Deadheading' is a really good album, it actually feels like a breath of fresh air, written without a care in the world, a simple approach based on mostly big uplifting, but always heartfelt, indie songs, with tunes that you can dance to, and that would actually be perfect for a summer festival, even if just released when 'winter is coming'"- Nordic Music Review

"There’s no escaping the magic that lies within this track, making it one of the best I’ve heard this year" - Wolf in a suit, on the single Rip Tide

"Rip Tide” is proof that this album will be the one to beat." - Wonderland Magazine, on the single Rip Tide

“Rip Tide folds perfectly into Raknes’ upcoming music, a collection of stories circling more around her own evolution." - American Songwriter, interview

"Deadheading’s standout singles include “Little Sister,” “Misery Mountain,” and “Rip Tide.” After a four-year hiatus, Deadheading is the perfect origin point for newfound fans."- Substream Magazine

"Deadheading" has become a record that sets a new course for Thea & The Wild. She is at her best when the tempo is kept up and she herself is in the slightly "fuck it" corner." - Popklikk

"A country gem disguised as pop with hints of Florence + The Machine." - Stavanger Aftenblad, on the single Poisoned Apple

"Thea’s new project is a gorgeous listen through and through. Feathered with her intuitive melodies, she gives a detailed picture of life in rural Norway and the beauty, simplicity yet hardness of her new found home there. Don’t miss out on this hidden gem!" - Purple Melon

"Every little bit of this 10-song experience feels carefully put together by an experienced master craftswoman .." - Ladygunn

"From Thea & The Wild we get a sensitive intro to a lovely third album from the singer-storyteller. Safe and good indie pop is exactly what one needs when the autumn darkness sets in." - Radio Nova, on the single Poisoned Apple

"... a soft indie folk song that is best suited to a road trip through summery fields and meadows." - Radio Revolt, on the single Little Sister

"Thea & The Wild is out with one of the year's best albums!" - NPS Music

"... "Little Sister" smells of wet grass and feels like a warm hug. A radio-friendly, alternative pop gem .. " - Stavanger Aftenblad, on the single Little Sister

".. fresh and light summerly acoustic tune." - Dagsavisen, on the single Poisoned Apple

"The song builds up to become a real hit of a hum-worthy indie song. This is music that really lends itself to radio play. After this wonderful single, expectations are building for the upcoming album" - Deichman Musikk, on the single Little Sister

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