The Good The Bad and The Zugly - Research and Destroy - quotes and impressions

Research and Destroy out now! When it comes to rock, you cant go wrong with The Good The Bad and The Zugly! Let's hear what the critics say here:

Visions Magazine: 8/10 - #2 best album of April 2022

OX Magazine: 8/10 - #3 best album of April 2022

"The band’s sixth album has renewed my faith in the next generation of punk rock musicians." - Cultartes

"From anthem-like sing-along choirs to a whirlwind mosh pit, it all fits together here"
- 9/10 - Silence Magazine

"The best Norwegian rock album for ages"- 6/6- iTromsø

"Since their last album, the world has gotten worse. Climate crisis, corona, war and chaos on the internet. At the same time, the band's riffs and dark humor have gotten better and better, and with the fifth album "Research and Destroy", they hit the zeitgeist with startling negativity and precision." - 5/6 - Aftenposten

"As social analysts, they may not be invited to Dagsnytt 18 (debate show on the national TV station), but for the average rock'n rollers, satire and self-irony on behalf of their own generation, perfectly mixed into uncompromising and hardcore punk rock and chorus-striking songs, matters." - 5/6 - Dagsavisen

"If they're not winning the Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy Award) in the category Scandirock, I will be surprised!" - 10/10 - Musikknyheter 

"From start to finish, "Research and destroy" is technically flawless. The band is as tight as it can get, and vocalist Ivar Nicolaisen has no problems keeping up." - 5/6 - Stavanger Aftenblad

"And this record is even quite clever, in its Nostradumbass way." - 4.5/6 - Klassekampen

"For those of us who have been waiting a long time for new material from GBZ, this is a perfect mix of new and old." - 5/6 - Gaffa

"The pandemic, perhaps especially the time when everything was locked down, has made the rest of us feel a little about what it is like to live in GBZ's universe." - PULS