The Good The Bad and The Zugly - One-Dimensional Man (Single) out now!

With pitch black humor and words of wisdom, Norwegian punk rockers The Good the Bad and the Zugly have built a dedicated following with their blend of panoramic scandi-rock, tongue-in-cheek 90s rock and catchy skate punk. One-Dimentional Man is the second single from the band's sixth full-length.

The band elaborates:

- It has come to GBZs attention that negativity as a form of thought and expression is becoming less and less socially acceptable. This cannot stand! The song One-Dimensional Man is an ode to the importance of negative thinking, to the refusal of ever having to put on a brave face, and a firm stand in the crusade against PMA/Positive Mental Attitude!

The album will be released april 8 on Fysisk Format. PRE-ORDER the album at Tigernet!

Check it out here: