Spielbergs - Vestli - Quotes and impressions

Following on from the success and rich promise of their debut LP ‘This Is Not The End’ in 2019, Oslo’s Spielbergs return triumphantly with their follow up "Vestli". We've been so lucky to release this album in Scandinavia together with Big Scary Monsters in rest of the world. Here's some quotes and impressions of "Vestli"!


"Feels like an orchestra of rock music when you listen to it, propelled by these really powerful vocals. Good punk energy in there as well. Music that feels like it started in someone's basement, but could easily fill the bowl of a stadium if given the opportunity" - Jack Saunders, BBC Radio1

"It hits the target again and again and again, working over its anxieties while simultaneously offering a release valve through its skyscraping melodies" - Kerrang Magazine

"Indeed, where This Is Not The End left off Vestli readily picks up, honing in on the pace and the action, including toting a big cup of ambition – all the way up to the near-eight-minute epic closer “You Can Be Yourself With Me” – ultimately meaning, much like the cage they rattle, Vestli leaves little room for Spielbergs to seemingly ever escape your heart." - The Line of Best Fit

"A massive wave of energy and earnest noise"- Stereogum

"A hard-hitting, emotionally compelling work that anyone interested in punk-adjacent music should hear." - Allmusic

"An emotional, rousing and spine-tingling collection of pop-punk and indie-pop belters, it shows off the bands incredible knack for heartfelt songwriting"- Rock Sound

"One of the few bands doing "Celebration rock" right and lp2 is better than their first" - Ian Cohen, Pitchfork, Stereogum etc.

"Despite being a record about feeling stuck, the Norwegian trio’s sophomore LP shimmers with an infectious freedom and inexorable vitality."
- Flood Magazine

"Even at the best part of 45 minutes long, there's little filler to be found throughout, but instead just a keen focus on putting the "rock" into indie-rock. The results are always thrilling- and often spectacularly so"- Upset Magazine, 4/5

"These songs are designed to be hollered at a sweaty throng that hollers them back in turn. A lot of bands struggle to recreate that energy on record but Vestli hum with relentless energy from start to finish" - Ticketmaster Discover

"Fast, bubbling, and always building on momentum, this lot have created a brilliantly indulgent full-length that really powers through every single hook and groove from start to finish." - Mystic Sons

"Vestli is out this week and it's a triumph from start to finish"- Spectral Nights

"Ambitious and well crafted"- Emerging New Rock Bands, 9/10

"00s guitar tones and relentless rhythms. Its hit after hit"- Raw Meat

"..on their second album, Spielbergs sound is noticeably matured with greater use of dynamics and sharper production- which has only made the urgency and vitality all the more gripping"- Beats per Minute

"Potential album of the year!" - Riot Act

"Every track on ‘Vestli’ feels lived in, each one an insight to Balkien’s fears and frustrations, with the enormity of the music the only fitting way to put across what he is feeling." - Stereoboard


"Spielbergs continue to thrill with how much noise three people can make" - VG

Album of the year - "Spielbergs have the ability to look back and at the same time be one hundred percent present in the present. It is a unique quality very few possess. Every word, every beat and every riff feels lived, understood and reflected throughout." - Gaffa

"Here you find some of this years strongest rock songs" - Anders Dahlbom, Expressen og Sonic.

"Spielbergs delivers some of the best choruses this genre has to offer"- NRK P13

"It is completely unique that such a 12-song long, reference-heavy album feels both fresh, cheeky and beautiful"- Stavanger Aftenblad, 4/5

"They create catchy songs with a strong melodic flair, performed with a jarring courage that makes them heirs to the 90s rock masters in Kung Fu Girls."
- Dagsavisen

"The album has several moments that explain why the Spielbergs have garnered huge amounts of international critical acclaim." - Klassekampen, 4/6

"When the album closes with the epic eight-minute long 'You Can Be Yourself With Me', where Spielberg shows another refreshing side of himself, I'm satiated, delighted and sweaty. But I want more!" - Under Dusken

"The attention Spielberg has received, both domestically and abroad, is fully deserved. It's a hard-working band that plays its songs with a strong and devilish passion." - Musikknyheter, 7/1

"The songs are well-composed, and so original that you feel that – well, I've never heard this before." - Puls

"We must beware of claiming that someone is "the saviours of rock", but we can safely say that the Spielbergs have put rock back into indie." - Popklikk