SIBIIR - Undergang - quotes and reviews

The new SIBIIR album "Undergang" is out! Here we've collected some quotes and reviews on the album.

"Sibiir has delivered a super strong third album where they both renew themselves and stay the unmistakable Sibiir" - 
9/10 in Musikknyheter

"Undergang is an eviscerating foray into the harshest realms of music that is equally unforgiving as it is enjoyable, and even though it rarely relents its pulverizing grasp from the listener’s throat, there’s really no other place or position you’d rather be in."
- Everything is Noise

".. the music is refreshing and vivid even in this corner of the metal genre realm." - Veil of Sound

"... an explosive monster song of a retro look in the rearview mirror, to some of metal's gold-edged names and eras, nevertheless firmly planted in the time we live and die in here and now." - 5/6 - Dagsavisen, on the single

Interview in Musikknyheter

Premiere on IDIOTEQ on the single "The Famine"

Lokalavisa Trysil - Engerdal