Self-directed music video from Hudkreft out now!

Norwegian DIY punk quartet Hudkreft released their debut album "Nevemagnet" on Fysisk Format in september 2021. Now they've released a music video, directed by them selves, to the song "Pønken er død og Hudkreft drepte den" (In english: Punk is dead and Hudkreft killed it).

The girls (and the boy) in Hudkreft has, despite their young age, been playing together for five years. After tons of concerts, festivals and singles, they finally released their debut album "Nevemagnet" (in english Fist Magnet), in 2021. The record is the bands experimental entrance to the adult music industry. They go heads on with the youthful freshness they've always had, combines with a new professionality. "Nevemagnet" is a hate letter to all the "fist magnets" of the world, that be sexually harassing politicians, norwegian terrorists or punk elitists. The young musicians communicate the angry (but justified) message through a fun ska-, prog- and punk sound.

Check out the music video here:

Directed by: Hudkreft
Photo: Tuva Svendsen Hesmyr & Tale Buttingsrud
Clipper: Roksana Niebrzegowska