New releases from Fysisk Format!

It's been a bizzy late spring for us in Fysisk Format, with 7 new single releases from Misty Coast, Hilma Nikolaisen, Thea & The Wild, Daufødt, Duvel, Hudkreft and new signing From Scratch! Check them out and read some words about them here!

Misty Coast - Brainchild

Misty Coast has made thick layers of effects and noise put on top of dreamy pop melodies their trademark. With their third album "When I Fall From The Sky" in april last year, Misty Coast fortified their position as one of Norways finest indie bands. Under the Radar gave it a 8/10 review and proclaimed it was their most accomplished record to date. Now they are ready to show the world some new music, and the song "Brainchild" is the first one of a small series of singles that will be released throughout 2022.

Hilma Nikolaisen - One Two Three Four

Hilma Nikolaisen, known from the cult band Serena Maneesh and Loch Ness Mouse has released three albums as a solo artist. Now she's taken a step in a more electronic direction, introducing both synthesizers and drum machine, yet keeping her distinct psychedelic sound. One Two Three Four is the first step towards a new chapter. A constructiv rant for growing older.

Hilma says:

- One Two Three Four is the prelude to a long-awaited new musical chapter. Life is always exciting, and there are many ways to say something about it. This song is a constructive rant - a kind of active-aggressive When You Become Sixty-six.

Thea & The Wild - Poisoned Apple

With co-producer Cato Thomassen of Madrugada, Thea Glenton Raknes has created a minimalistic, pop-ish, warm and tender song, dominated by acoustic guitar. Inspired by artists with a rural touch, like Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Planxty and Bruce Springsteen, we now hear a slightly different Thea & The Wild sound. Poisoned Apple is the second single from Thea & The Wild’s coming third album, “Deadheading”, to be launched in the autumn.

Daufødt - Knekken

As one of the most sonically challenging and visually unique bands of their generation, Daufødt swept the floor of the underground with their debut "1000 Island" and won a Norwegian Grammy in the ROCK category. They could easily become the NEXT BIG NAME IN ROCK, but - no thanks! got other things to do. Instead, the Daufødt-gang circled back to the underground, hooked up with Lasse Marhaug, associated Sunn0)))-member and recent producer of Jenny Hval and Thurston Moore.

Here we present "Knekken", the first single from their upcoming album "Aromaterapi"!

Duvel - Don't Fall In Love (With Me)

Where there before were lying Marshall amps bleeding everywhere, there are now techno-synths and acoustic guitars in between the cigarettes and beers on the floor. Duvel is evolving in a high speed, and we're happy to announce "Don't Fall In Love (With Me), the first single from their upcoming EP!

Originating from the basement of the autonomous youth community house Blitz in Oslo, Duvel became front runners for the underground minimalist post-punk scene with their debut album from 2018. On their second album, which came out in 2021, the raw post-punk from the first album developed in the direction of 90s Britpop / Madchester. With their upcoming EP, they are yet again on the look to renew their song writing.

Hudkreft - Sommerskygge

Hudkrefts ice cream has melted a long time ago, the beer is gone, and it's clear you catch a bit of grumpyness by living in the shadow of the new Munch Museum in Oslo. Fortunately, they have made a summer song, and now Hudkreft can also cast a slightly larger shadow spot over the city of Oslo.

Hudkreft says:
- The fjord is full of algae, piss and oil. Do you dare to throw your self out in it with Hudkreft?

From Scratch - Sad Song To Line

From Scratch originates from the rehearsal rooms of AKKS, which works for equality and better gender balance in the Norwegian music scene. There they started in 2015, "from scratch", and the four young women learned to play instruments and gradually developed their distinctive take on indie rock with zero respect, or interest so to say, for rules and boxes for how things should be arranged and sound.

Now the band is ready to release new music, and the song "Sad Song To Line" is the first of more music to come!


A few of the songs was also released with music videos, we'll put them under here so you can check them out as well!