NAG - Boys of Europe - quotes and reviews

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"... in the world where Nag once again unleashes his music, where we get war, death and misery right on the monitor, "Boys of Europe" really fits quite well." - 4/6 - Klassekampen

"Six years after the 2018 release of their sophomore album Nagged to Death, the guys are back with a new slate of nostalgic crust punk/hardcore/metal sound that really just rears back and kicks you in the teeth."
- Metal Sucks

"NAG’s return is a welcome one, and they’ve lost nothing of the fire in their bellies"- 7/10 - Scream Blast Repeat

Interview in Disharmoni

NAG gives you Boys of Europe song by song, at the Tiger blog

"This album keeps consistency in sound and tone pretty well, not throwing curveballs to the listener, but also keeping fresh enough to remain interesting and enjoyable from start to finish." - The Razors Edge

"The home studio recording has the levels of everything punched up and it adds an abrasiveness to the rabble rousing tracks, giving them a crusty coating of grime."- 7,5/10 - Ave Noctum