Insomniac Bears single "See You In Court" out now!

We are proud to present a great new track from Norwegian art rockers Insomniac Bears. The single titled ”See you in Court” is released today, may 13th, and shows an inspired group redrawing the blueprints again.

Insomniac Bears consists of multi-instrumentalist and producer Marius Ergo (Lukestar, Kaospilot & Snöras), Rumble in Rhodos-singer Thomas Bratlie Haugland, Team Me-frontman and songwriter Marius Drogsås Hagen and songwriter/violinist Magnus Moriarty. They have also included star drummer Axel Skalstad(Krokofant ++) as a permanent member, giving the group a new dimension and sound. Sure enough, this combo of players have pushed each other's explorations further than before, resulting in a new musical collective to look out for.

”See You in Court” is the first single in a series of releases leading up to Insomniac Bears‘ debut album that will be out September 9th 2022. On their debut the groups' edge bares signs of elegant vulnerability intheir most  expressive songwriting and expansive production yet.

Give it a listen here: