Insomniac Bears - Newfound Sprawl - quotes and reviews

We are proud to present a great debut album from Norwegian art rockers Insomniac Bears. The multi-instrumentalist five-piece returns with a vast and emotional full-length, Newfound Sprawl. The result is a mature and progressive album, taking their carefully crafted style further while still sounding fresh. Here's some quotes and impressions:

"... a release rich on ideas, interesting instrumentation but based around a nostalgic pop backdrop, with flourishes of different indie styles. And most importantly good tunes. It really is all about the tunes." - Nordic Music Review

"'The debut "Newfound Sprawl" is the sound of talent and creativity with free rein. Everything is allowed, and it's a party to listen through." - 5/6 - Stavanger Aftenblad

"Somewhere in between crafting pop and creating art they take us to unexplored territory with sprightly prog-rock figures and distinctly indie-sounding anthems." - Idioteq

"It’s an effervescent and euphoric piece of multi-sonic grandeur.
Catching, arresting, and greatly orchestrated featuring shiny synths, bouncy guitars, firm drums and poignant vocals. When the fevered chorus kicks in you know we have a winner." - Turn Up The Volume

"Powerful pop rock with about equal parts guitar and keyboards, and a faint echo of the 80s. They immediately gets to the point with "See you in Court", and with songs like "Shaky Ladders" and "Mammoth" they sound like a band you can put your money at." -

"Light 2000s nostalgia, shy start, surprising, quirky twists in the middle and stadium rock at the end." -
Stavanger Aftenblad on the single "Burning"

"It is not often that such band constellations end up being better than their former bands, but with "Newfound Sprawl" Insomniac Bears have surpassed themselves, and together they have made each other better than ever."
- Popklikk

"Musically, the song is an exciting, seething cauldron of delicious synths, crisp drums, and a wonderful mix of different musical expressions. It's all overwhelming, in the very best way, and makes the listener excited with ease. Delicious!" - Radio Revolt

Listen to the album: