Hjerteslag - Tyvens Dagbok - quotes and impressions

Ever since their inception in the underground scene of Bergen, Hjerteslag has been one of the country's very best and most popular rock bands. With vocalist Robert Eidevik's unmistakable and unique songwriter and text signature at the bottom, the band has been the premise supplier for melodic, noisy and street poetic music in Norwegian. 11.11.22 they are releasing their fourth album "Tyvens Dagbok", and here are some quotes and impressions:

"Together they have made one of this year's best albums in Norwegian" - 5/6 - Dagbladet

"Eidevik låter bedre enn noensinne ... These lyrics are probably the best he has ever written, and what he lacks in technique and skill he makes up for in presence and a form of skinless rawness that few others possess. You believe in Eidevik when you listen to him, and that's more than you can say about most vocalists." - 4/6 - Bergens Tidende

"Eidevik has undoubtedly released a surprisingly strong collection of songs" - Popklikk

"If you like the old Hjerteslag, Robert's new diary is absolutely worth picking up." - Puls

"The Norwegian rock band Hjerteslag from Bergen has released a new bop of an album. Tyvens Dagbok is indie rock with cheerful melodies and melancholic lyrics." - Universitas

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Listen to Tyvens Dagbok: