Haust - Negative Music - quotes and reviews

Here's an overview of the press highlights for Negative Music

Intervju i Morgenbladet

"Like rats in a fauna dominated by chihuahuas" - 5/6 - iTromsø 

"Right from the start, and until the last track begins to foreshadow the album's conclusion in an excruciating series of fades, the album is impeccably rough and raw." - 5/6 - Klassekampen

"Everything is as it should be in Haust's pitch-dark musical thicket." - Morgenbladet

"Good news for those of us who need some healthy doses of ugliness and paranoia in our musical diet" - 5/6 - VG, about the song "Something Evil"

"If anything, this song brings out how unique and cool the vocals are likely to be on 'Negative Music', and I can never get enough of how weird, maddened and whiny it sounds here." - Metallurgi, about the single "I'm Not Here For You".

Interview in Rebel Noise

"If you’re looking for something that both kicks you in the teeth and has you tapping your foot at the same time, Haust is a great fit" - Metal Trenches

Interview in Ox Fanzine

"While Negative Music lacks the surprise factor of their last album, it makes up for it with liberal splashes of piss and vinegar." - 7/10 - Metal Hammer

"What an accurate name for Haust’s return album. Negative Music is devoid of any good feelings, instead creeping along the floorboards like a rodent and spewing filthy punk rock for those who only examine reality through worst-case scenarios." - Invisible Oranges

"We live for music like this." -

"New album Negative Music has the ear splitting extreme metal tones you would expect but with a raw underlying punk rock energy and ethos. Thudding bass lines akin to west coast hardcore but with shrieking and tortured vocals reminiscent of 80s Deathrock while also sharing the band’s issues and social concerns relating to their upbringing and the musical scenes they have navigated. " - RPM

"Haust signs a masterful demonstration of their ability to fuse musical genres to create a unique and captivating auditory experience. Each track on the album is an exploration of musical complexity, blending elements of punk, black metal and psychedelia to produce a sound that is both raw and refined." - No Dice Mag

"In general, this album is a triumph for the 'old' and direct Haust, who audibly have little desire for false modesty. .. With a confident uncompromising attitude, Haust finally return to their former great achievements." - 8/10 - Demonic Nights

Also mentioned in Rock Hard Italy and Inferno paper magazines.