Daufødt - Aromaterapi - quotes and impressions

Here we share som quotes and impressions on Daufødts sophomore album "Aromaterapi"!

"The band rode its wiry, punky take on kvelertak to increased public profile, and Aromaterapi appears to be the snotty oppositional response to beingt thrust in the spotlight." - 7/10 - Metal Hammer UK

"It hurts to devote yourself to "Aromaterapi", but in the end a catharsis sets in with the pain that shakes you to the core." - 9/12 - Visions

"Aromaterapi by Daufødt I ennoble right at the beginning of my review as the wildest record released on the other side of the North Sea, surrounded by the European North Sea, in the second half of 2022."
- Pretty Noise

"Knekken sounds more like an excorcistic caterwaul straight from bloody hell. Its Apocalyptic hammering and its horrendous hardcore howling torture your poor stereo without clemency. I really wonder how long
the psycho-o-tic front punkette can go on without exploding into a thousand pieces."-
Turn Up The Volume on the single Knekken

"Daufødt's second album is delightfully uncompromising ... If possible, it sounds even rougher than the last time." - 5/6 - Aftenposten

"Daufødt sounds very alive, with music that you feel physically on your body" - Dagsavisen

"The band, which won a Norwegian Grammy in the rock category with their debut album "1000 Island", throws noise, punk, crust and hardcore into their sauna and doesn't even wait to see what happens to the listener, but pushes at you one song after the other. You won't find peace and relaxation here." - Vampster

"Daufødt has finally released the album Aromaterapi which is a thumbs up to chaotic culture of the southern Norway. With Lasse Marhaug as producer, it's no wonder that blijævlastygg.no is a perfectly balanced mess." - Radio Nova on the song blijævlastygg.no

"Aromaterapi is distorted and rebellious in its pure form, but it is also catchy and can easily warm up stiff necks." - 5/6 - Klassekampen

"Daufødt blasts out "DIE DIE DIE DIE" and we are then hit by violent, bloody punk which in the middle just screams even louder in a rabid bulldog machine." - Radio Revolt on the single Dødsangst

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