Cockroach Clan single "Broken Rose" out now!

COCKROACH CLAN return with a catchy new song for sunny days and gloomy memories. “Broken Rose” is the band’s first single from the upcoming album to be released later this year. “Broken Rose” tells a true story of passionate youth and sudden death. And musically, it’s a flaming torch thrown at any punk rock rule book.

The lyrics to “Broken Rose” are based on a poem vocalist Billy wrote. Songwriter/guitarist Akke then rewrote some lines to make it fit the song.

Hired gun on the song is keyboardist Lars Christian Narum of celebrated Norwegian rock band Hellbillies. This is also the first recordings with new COCKROACH CLAN members Lars Haugen (guitars) and Inge Morten Gustafsholm (bass).

The song was recorded at Velvet Recording, November 2021, with Christer Krogh as producer. It’s mastered by Grammy Award winning engineer Dave Collins.

Cover art for “Broken Rose” is a work called “Persefone” by late Norwegian textile artist Turid Holter.

Check it out here: