Christian Winther - Urfuglen - quotes and impressions

On his sophomore album, Urfuglen, Christian Winther draw lines back to the post-punk era’s way of combining contemporary impulses with artistic sensibility. And following up on his debut album from last year, «The Clearing» (Fysisk Format), noise and experimentation is part of the picture also here, but with a genuine desire to find the beautiful moment, the shimmering harmony. Here we share som quotes and impressions on the album!

"Christian Winther sings and plays guitar like no one else." - 5/6 - Nettavisen

"Urfuglen is a record that explores the beauty of the incomplete, of the spontaneous, of the random, and it does so with an aura of majestic grace. Music that makes the listener feel alive, in all its carefree glory. Possibly free as the bird.” - Morgenbladet

"Christian Winther's current solo work is once again characterized by experiments, the Norwegian tapped into prog rock at its peak and meanwhile the fingers of my left hand are no longer sufficient to list all the musical scents available here."
 - Pretty Noise (DE)

"The song material itself has somewhat more coherent melodies than Winther usually offers, with Norwegian lyrics and a certain taste of the brilliant 80s band The Beste." - Dagens Næringsliv

"Here, "genres" are abandoned in favor of a far more kaleidoscopic approach." - 5/6 - Klassekampen

"... a completely different piece of music, which you can easily lose yourself in on your own terms." - Dagsavisen

"Urfuglen Pt. 2" is single number two before the album comes out, and it's a real star team he's got here. Tuva Syvertsen, who usually fronts the band Valkyrien Allstars, contributes with her distinctive vocals to make this a beautiful piece of music. "Urfuglen, Pt. 2" is a foretaste of the autumn to come, and also on an incredibly exciting record that I can't wait to check out! - Radio Revolt, on the single Urfuglen, pt. 2

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