Blodkvalt - Algor Mortis - quotes and reviews

Alright!! We've been looking so much forward to release this one. Blodkvalt is out with their debut album "Algor Mortis"! Blodkvalt gives you chaotic extreme metal played by the new generation of Oslo rockers. Inspired by the chaotic energy of early metal demos, with references from, among others, black metal, grindcore, punk and noise, the band delivers extreme metal with a primal and raw sound. Here we've collected some quotes and reviews!

"They sound like Okkultokrati without the wave influences. Ice cold thundering, dangerous sounding and relentless they rant their way through their own songs while Sakseide screams his voice at the philistines and the instruments sound shrill and unpolished." - Gonzo Circus (BE)

"They channel a kind of hardcore vitalism into many of the songs, which makes them catchy, life-affirming and productive, despite the dark exterior. This is Blodkvalt at its best." - 4/6 - Gaffa