Beachheads - Beachheads II - Quotes and impressions

Beachheads’ power pop debut album from 2017 received great reviews, and was described as both "Catchy as fuck" by Stereogum and "Resiliently heart-heavy" by Rolling Stone Magazine. Now they’re back with a new album, where producer Frode Strømstad has stripped the classic rock’n’roll tricks to the bone. Here we have collected some of the response the album has recieved this time around!

«Norway’s most beautiful indie rock quartet» - BBC1 Rock Show, when they played the single "Nothing"

"You fall head over heels in love with a different song with every new listen." - Visions Magazine

"A welcome and hummable distraction from modern stresses." - Kerrang

".. if you enjoy the idea of some Norwegian Bob Mould enthusiasts writing fuzzy, slight and instantaneous tunes then this will be one of your nicest surprises of 2022." - Metal Hammer

Stereogum, about the single Down South.

"While their dreamy innocence in tone gives them a charming first impression, their lyrical themes are what make them worth getting to know better." - Ghostcult Magazine

"It certainly feels like you’re injecting the mid-90s into your veins, but when it’s done this well, why would you complain?"
- Distorted Sound Magazine

"If you play the Housemartins with R.E.M. put them together on a Greyhound bus on an EastCoast to WestCoast tour and recruit Joey Ramone and Brian Wilson as road managers, you'll get an idea of what Beachheads II sounds like. Lots of Summer of Love and Barbed Wire Kisses" -

"One wonders why the group, founded in 2015, does not have a higher profile. Beachheads' "II" can definitely change that, because the album is just fun without being superficial." - RockTimes Magazine

"The four members of the band play each other good, and never let go of the hooking melodies. They present a fine and airy web of acoustic and electric guitars, with hum-friendly themes with room for both reflection and enthusiasm, sadness and triumph." - Klassekampen

"Throughout its 30 minute run time, the most striking part of Beachheads II is its succinct charm, and its unashamedness in wearing its influences on its sleeve." -

"This quartet has a very good hand with the slightly sharp guitars, with the light, catchy melodies, with the harmonic chorus, and the equally harmonic layers with guitars. Beachheads are simply very good at this." - Stavanger Aftenblad

"Had the Beachheads been a football player, we could boast of the top level, where they dribble pretty much everyone else in the guitar-based pop music so they fall to the ground." - iTromsø

"What Beachheads ... deliver here is finest power pop or maybe Brit college pop/rock or what to call these collages." -

".. the songs by Beachheads are great guitar-based sunshine for anyone who has been fond of other groups starting with B, such as Buzzcocks, Big Star, Byrds, Badfinger and Det Betales." - Dagsavisen

"...They have indeed provided their audience with a happy half hour of music." - Terrorverlag

"With life-affirming lyrics that collide into naive and melodic pop, the band has found a recipe that works. In its entirety, the album oozes warm and airy arrangements which, despite occasionally sore lyrics, give a long-awaited feeling of optimism." - Evig Lyttar

"The opening song "Break It Off" sets the tone, with a in-your-face guitar riff, a text about relationships and breaks, before it slams from the rhythm section. The background vocals and chorus lay a further basis for a banger: and then this reviewer is sold at the first, skewed guitar solo." - Popklikk

"The Norwegians deliver excellent songwriting ... If you like it upbeat and groovy and can sometimes do without heavy distorted guitars, you've come to the right place." - Whiskey-Soda