Nils Bech

Bilde av bandet
Where performance art meets electronic wonders: Nils Bech. Nils Bech, born 1981, is a Norwegian musician and performance artist. Nils Bech released his debut album Look Back on Fysisk Format April 19th, 2010 and followed up with huge critical success with Look Inside in November 2012. Look Inside was produced by the Norwegian electronic duo Ost&Kjex and featured arrangements by contemporary composers Ole Henrik Moe and Julian Skar. Nils Bech has performed at the 54th Venice Biennale, the New Museum in New York, ICA and Frieze Foundation in London as well as music festivals like Bylarm, Hovefestivalen, Roskildefestivalen and Øyafestivalen. Nils Bech's third was released Fysisk Format autumn 2014