Bilde av bandet
A portable West Coast punk house, on a constant mission to tear apart the establishment with D-beat drums, needle-sharp fuzz guitar and polemic screams. Livstid met in the most crust punk way imaginable, at a floor show in Bergen during the summer of 2006. It didn't take long before they took up arms against the cultural elite - since then, they've spent years perfecting the most conservative and uniform genre of today: D-beat hardcore. Here's a fist of frenzied  punk, played fast, hard and with the dedication required of a band bearing having a real agenda. Livstid started out self-releasing 7-inches amidst tours through both Scandinavia and European countries like Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland and Hungary. At long last, through Fysisk Format, we get to capture their spirit on a full album. Their self-titled debut includes comments on classic lyrical themes like sexism, racism, environmentalism/animal rights, but at the same time covering individual isolation, social fragmentation and a solid kick upwards to the herders of a psychotic society. You're in for a real treat, in other words, and a lesson learned on the status quo from an underground perspective. The lyrics might be fierce Western Norwegian, but the message is clear wherever it hits along with the strength of Livstid. They care little for metaphors, speaking in tongues and other glamour. No, their songs don't last a "lifetime". Cut the crap, and cut it to the tune of their self-titled debut, filled with one-and-a-half-minute agitation backed up strongly by an unyielding D-beat and Livstid's signature onslaught. Discography: Livstid CD/LP 2011