Bilde av bandet
Norway's three most exported music genres are jazz, metal and noise. With KILLL all these come into one. KILLL is a project that has challenged the boundaries of their own expression since they came together in 2003. With abstract and chiselled metal presented in an epileptically evoking op-art sceneography, they have been a much talked about live phenomenon. However, they have refused presenting themselves on any format except the live concert - until now: Presented in a 8-panel digipack including two posters, a CD and a DVD with live footage from the band's concerts in the period 2005 - 2009, this a manifestion of the visual and musical phenomenon KILLL is. KILLL consist of visual- and soundartist Are Mokkelbost, producer and musician Erlend Mokkelbost (JR Ewing, Montée), drummer Martin Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist) and guitarist Espen Hangård (No Place To Hide, Altaar). In addition, the band's light engineer Kyrre Karlsen is regarded a member of the band. The Fysisk Format released film is a painstakingly constructed collage of movie- and sound recordings from concerts around Europe. Filmed with everything from surveillance cameras to cell phones to steadycams, the movies are to a large extent based on material donated from the audience and organisers. In stark contrast to the slick hi-res standard of many live videos today, the KILLL footage is characterized by the use of early models of digital cameras and their lacking ability to process hardcore strobes and hyperactive LED lamps. Instead of trying to reconstruct a moment, the KILLL movie presses the digital to the breaking point, and even a bit further - then, cut as tightly and uncompromisingly as the music itself. KILLL hover on the border between the enjoyable and utterly insufferable and their combination of primal sonic energy and frantic visual cacophony can be directly disturbing to the nerve system. In fact, KILLL are obliged to warn epileptics before their performances. Yet, the band's unusual visual presentation also works as a portal, a direct entrance into highly energetic sensations that moves outside the standardized markers of the metal and noise genre. Evoking a state of emotion that ranges from total confusion and emptiness to blissful enthusiasm and a strong sense of belonging.