Bilde av bandet

Hudkreft is Oslo youth as it should be: fiery, wild, adventurous, irreverent, political and punk. From their practice rooms at the autonomous youth headquarter Blitz in Oslo, inspired by Honningbarna, Razika, Joachim Nielsen, De Press and The Aller Værste, they continue to keep the catchy, light-hearted Norwegian punk with the potential for mass mobilization and chaos alive. Their second album "Osyo by" was released with Fysisk Format on 15 September 2023.

Hudkreft consists of Leah Røkke, Johannes Granaas Danielsen, Stella Oter Lindeberg and Roksana Niebrzegowska.

Hudkreft by Ignat Wiig
Photo: Ignat Wiig

Header photo: Bjørn Nicklas Pettersen Myrvang