Hilma Nikolaisen

Bilde av bandet

Hilma Nikolaisen is known for her role as bass player in her brother Emil’s internationally acclaimed psychedelic noise­pop outfit Serena­ Maneesh (4AD) – one of the most influential Norwegian bands of the last decade. Not only did she contribute significantly to the expression of Emil’s musical vision, her valkyric stage presence also made her an iconic part of the band’s visual identity. Comparisons to Nico were frequently drawn.

After the promising, Norwegian Grammy-nominated debut Puzzler (2016), and the more ambitious follow-up Mjusic (2018), it would've been easy for Hilma Nikolaisen (formerly of Serena Maneesh) to continue in the same vein. After all she's perfected her own kind of groovy guitar rock built on catchy riffs and jammy psychedelic excursions. Instead, her third album Heritage (2021) represents a surprising step to the side.

In 2023 she will release her fourth album "Social Works" on Fysisk Format.

Photo: Julia Nagelstad

Hilma Nikolaisen by Elvira Nikolaisen
Hilma Nikolaisen by Elvira Nikolaisen