Bilde av bandet

Blodkvalt gives you chaotic extreme metal played by the new generation of Oslo rockers. Inspired by the chaotic energy of early metal demos, with references from, among others, black metal, grindcore, punk and noise, the band delivers extreme metal with a primal and raw sound. As a cross between the band's favorite genres within extreme music, with a high tempo and almost painful vocal and instrumental performances, the band clearly differs from other parts of the metal scene. The focus is on the visual and chaotic in the music, rather than on the theatrical and technical. Blodkvalt is a chaotic and icy cold breath on the Norwegian metal scene.

Blodkvalt consists of Eskild Myrvoll (Mall Girl, Daufødt, Kanaan), Eirik Reithaug (Daufødt), Tibor Teskeredzic and Håkon Sakseide.

18th of november they will release their debut album "Algor Mortis".