Ratthew rat city


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Ratthew rat city
1. Rat City 0:30
2. Textured Walk 1:53
3. Cheeseweek 1:58
4. Smack DVD 2:19
5. I Never Had A Room 1:45
6. Streeter 2:04

RATTHEW is a queer, DIY, dada-punk band from the wastelands of northern Norway. With the autonomous youth headquarter Blitz as their Oslo base and an unholy inspiration from Dadaism, camp aesthetics and queer club culture, they deliver an anarchic mix that defies conventional boundaries. We might as well mention The Garden, Machine Girl and The Prodigy.

Their iconic visual style featured by jungle breaks, raw and noisy post-punk instrumentals, with playfully chaotic vocals pays homage to the rebellious spirit of punk’s heyday. RATTHEW's unmistakable, campy fashion and sound is a testament to their refusal to conform, rendering them wonderfully distinct and refreshingly different.

RATTHEW was founded by Samuel Dalheim (bassist and producer) and Wiktoria Krystyna Szmigiel (vocalist and songwriter) after meeting in high school. The duo decided to chase their dream of making music and moved to Oslo to test their luck. Now complete with Andreas Thingstad (guitarist and visual artist) on their team, they have swiftly made themselves both feared and desired in Norway's alternative scene.

Headlining festivals such as by:Larm, Vill Vill Vest, and the esteemed Natt&Dag event during Oslo Pride, RATTHEW has electrified audiences with their live performances, before officially releasing any body of work. Their dynamic stage presence and boundary-pushing music garnered stellar reviews from outlets such as P3 and Aftenposten, solidifying their place in Norway’s alternative scene.

Their highly anticipated debut EP “Rat City” is scheduled for release 26th of January 2024, following their signing with the renowned Norwegian record label Fysisk Format.

The band's DIY approach permeates every facet of their craft, from styling and graphic design to production, mixing and mastering. Their recording and songwriting process is heavily based on sampling and experimentation, which goes hand in hand with their Dadaist ideology