Kim Åge Furuhaug Kim Åge Furuhaug 2

Kim Åge Furuhaug, Orions Belte Kim Åge Furuhaug

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Kim Åge Furuhaug Kim Åge Furuhaug 2 Kim Åge Furuhaug Kim Åge Furuhaug
1. Jangle med
2. Langeland Frukt & Tobakk
3. Haraldsvik Camping
4. Astagjol

1. Møllevalsen
2. Lysingen Express
3. Det aandelige kompasset er i vater

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Kim Åge Furuhaug's album is a complete u-turn from what we're used to from Orions Belte. He presents us with a splendid jazz ensemble, put together by a few on Norway's finest jazz musicians, Ole Morten Vågan, Lars Horntveth, Andreas Ulvo and Stein Urheim. The compositions are arranged and produced together with one of Norway's most prominent producers these days, Matias Tellez.

In September 2021, Chris Holm, Orions Belte’s inimitable bass player, released the first single from his album Orions Belte – Chris Holm. The album was released November ’21, and it was the first album in a series of solo albums by the members of Orions Belte. Next up was guitarist Øyvind Blomstrøm’s record – a real folky/psychedelic/bluesy experience – and finally, now drummer Kim Åge Furuhaug will release his. Just like KISS did in 1978, every member will make their own album under the Orions Belte moniker.