Øyvind Blomstrøm Øyvind Blomstrøm

Orions Belte, Øyvind Blomstrøm Øyvind Blomstrøm

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Øyvind Blomstrøm Øyvind Blomstrøm Øyvind Blomstrøm Øyvind Blomstrøm
1. Intro
2. Pineapple Juice
3. Baby I Gotta Go
4. Scared of Heights
5. BK Fries
6. Manual Shear

1. Let’s Watch (Intro)
2. Let’s Watch the Grass Grow
3. Crazy ‘Cause I Love You
4. Put the G in MSG
5. Star Eyes
6. The Wading Bird

Limited edition, only 100 ex!

Now it is Øyvind Blomstrøm’s time to shine. Orions Belte’s guitar hero, has made a record that moves in all the right directions, dipping it toes into genres like psychedelic pop, blues, afropop, country, indie pop and rock. Blomstrøm has played and produced everything on the record himself - a dogma he gave himself before the project started - and he has filled it with epic riffs, cool bass grooves and dreamy melodies.

In November 2021, Chris Holm, Orions Belte’s inimitable bass player, released the first album in a series of solo albums by the members of Orions Belte. Just like KISS did in 1978, every member will make their own album under the Orions Belte moniker.