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Chris Holm Chris Holm 2 Chris Holm - Chris Holm
1. Changes
2. After the Smoke Clears
3. Holy Water
4. Your Face Was Radiant This Morning

1. Maybe feat. Sondre Lerche
2. Marathon (Bar)
3. GUN feat. Sigrid Aase
4. Calm Like the Weather

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Chris Holm, Orions Belte’s inimitable bass player, releases the first album in a series of solo albums by the members of Orions Belte. Next up is guitarist Øyvind Blomstrøm’s record, and finally drummer Kim Åge Furuhaug will release his. Just like KISS did in 1978, every member will make their own album under the Orions Belte moniker.

First out is Chris Holm, the unfazed bass genius of Orions. This is quirky indie/bedroom pop records, with catchy hooks and contagious melodies. We're also being treated with guest spots by Sondre Lerche and Saave (Sigrid Aase of indie pop heroes Hajk).