Dancing the conga trying to define newpunk

Dancing the conga Trying to define newpunk

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Dancing the conga trying to define newpunk
A1. Get you darling
A2. The car
A3. I carry my umbrella like a gun
B2. Heavy old clothes
A4. The Realism
A5. Page-turner
A6. I hope it's a slumber
B1. Brexit girl
B3. All these other men
B4. The gardener

Dancing the conga (DTC) is an Oslo-based trio, who recently signed with the Bergen-based label LEKK. On their forthcoming debut album, they will try to define newpunk (“Trying to define newpunk” will be released on October 20th). . Dancing the conga is a collective where everyone contributes with vocals and lyrics. Øyvind Skjerdal (bass, guitar, keys and vocals), Henrik Lillehaug (guitar, vocals and keys) and Gudmund Guren (drums, vocals) make up this thoughtful, caring and loving trio.

Dancing the conga passionately and empathetically pinpoints the core elements of what it is to live in our time. The joys, struggles and intricate emotions of late capitalism are weaved together, leaving an album that deeply reflects the human experience in the 21st century – or at least what it means to be a band of your time. - Dancing the conga