Unnveig Aas Phases

Unnveig Aas Phases

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Unnveig Aas Phases

All songs written by Unnveig Aas   

Produced by Ida Jenshus and Pål Brekkås   

Recorded in Brygga Studio, Trondheim and Snaxville Studio, Skogbygda.

Mixed by Pål Brekkås 

Mastered by Henning Bortne, Oslo Mastering 

Cover art: Dag Eirik Clausen

Cover photo: Birte Bee Magnusson

Unnveig Aas: vocals / acoustic guitars

Pål Brekkås: bass / backing vocals / piano / synths

Bendrik Brænne: horns

Roger Græsberg: acoustic guitars / electric guitars

Ida Jenshus: backing vocals

Stian Lundberg: drums / percussion

Kenneth Norum: backing vocals

Alexander Pettersen: acoustic guitars / electric guitars

Krister Skadsdammen: steel guitar

1. Brand New Start
2. How Can I Know
3. Lost Fire
4. Nothing Hurts More
5. Phases
6 Falling From Grace
7. Mary Anne
8. Go Easy On Me
9. If The Creek Don’t Rise
10. Man Of Few Words

Unnveig Aas’s third album «Phases» was recorded in Brygga Studio in Trondheim and is produced by Ida Jenshus and Pål Brekkås who have changelled the comfort zone of Unnveig Aas both in terms of sound, instrumentation and vocal use. The result is a shining blend of melodious americana with elements from both country and pop. Hovering over the whole thing is Unnveig Aas’ heartfelt and beautiful vocal delivery that soars into the air in melodious choruses.

Unnveig Aas, who is also a writer and has published two poetry collections, released her second album “Young Heart” in 2019 to rave reviews. It was nominated for Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) in the country category, and Geir Rakvaag (Dagsavisen) stated: “There is a really a younger pop optimism on this album, which is set in motion with a number of songs that under ideal circumstances would have been big hits.”