Yvonne moore It is Right To Rebel

Mat Callahan & Yvonne Moore and friends It is Right To Rebel

Cat.no. NO13LP007
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Yvonne moore It is Right To Rebel
A1: Free Leonard Peltier (4:04)
A2: The War Against Forgetting (3:16)
A3: High John the Conqueror Root (3:38)
A4: Fire Isn't Fire (3:26)
B1: 99 Books (George Jackson) (4:18)
B2: Say Yes (4:20)
B3: High Time For A High Time (3:44)
B4: Pick Your Poison (3:50)
C1: Cross My Heart (1:47)
C2: Another Message Coming' (2:45)
C3: Stand and Fight (2:56)
C4: Different Worlds (5:36)
D1: Sellavision (4:26)
D2: Sweep the Moneychangers From Your Soul (7:31)
D3: The Last Word (4:52)