SP008 LP A

Ultraflex Telephones / DJ Sotofett Remixes

Cat.no. SP008LP
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SP008 LP A
A1. Ultraflex – Work Out Tonight (Telephones' The Big Fuji Ringo Mix)
A2. Ultraflex – Work Out Tonight (Telephones' Jigokudani-Ashiddosauna Version)
B1. Ultraflex - Secret Lover (DJ Sotofett's Cosmic Lover Remix)
B2. DJ Sotofett - Cosmic Lover

Following their debut album ‘Visions Of Ultraflex’, the Norwegian-Icelandic electro-duo serves up a mouthwatering extended remix 12" with two of Norways most distinctively renowned underground producers and DJs. Telephones twists ‘Work Out Tonight’ into a bubbly Balearic Pop block-party, fusing the vibe of NYC Peech Boys, Quincy Jones' 80s productions and Larry Levan's infamous take on Nami Shimada/Soichi Terada, all rounded off with a decadent beatless ambient acid outro mix. On the flip, the norse force that is DJ Sotofett, heavy-handedly rubs ‘Secret Lover’ into an uncompromising chunk of Cosmic Electro, with growling vocoders, rugged drums and stratospheric synths, progressively evolving into a tripped out dub-disco electro-mutant. Each side clocking in at approx. 12 minutes.. do not miss!