Orsak oslo skimmer vemod

Orsak: Oslo Skimmer Vemod

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Orsak oslo skimmer vemod

Orsak:Oslo is a melancholic brew of kraut, psych and post-rock with gentle fuzz-filled melodies and a noticeable nordic atmosphere. On the bands new release Skimmer/Vemod they investigate contrasting inspirational backdrops and methods.

“Skimmer” borrows atmospheres from dank forrest floors and midland flora, influences which are not commonly referred to by Orsak:Oslo. The songs’ fundamentals were written and recorded as a live jam, which has become sort of the band’s hallmark by now.

“Vemod” stands in stark opposition, as by time of creation the pandemic had the band separated in different countries. This called for some experimental songwriting and recording techniques, and Orsak:Oslo had to venture beyond their standard modus operandi. On the familiar side, the band cites Vemod’s influences as “nautical”, something that has also been of inspiration to some of their earlier work.