Frøkedal hold on dreamer cover

Frøkedal & Familien Hold On Dreamer

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Frøkedal hold on dreamer cover
1. W.O.Y
2. Cherry Tree
3. The Man Who Isn't Here
4. The Sign
5. Misery
6. Dream
7. Don't Look Back
8. Demented Time
9. Kid
10. Eclipse

Frøkedal's debut album ‘Hold On Dreamer’ arrived in a whirl of acclaim in 2016, with Anne Lise Frøkedal emerging an incredibly realized and well-versed debutante, following collaborative stints with successful Norwegian outfits Harrys Gym, I Was A King and Robyn Hitchcock.

In 2017 the album was nominated for a Spellemannpris - Norwegian Grammy - for Best Indie Album of the Year.

"There are echoes of Vashti Bunyan, Nico and early Marianne Faithfull – especially in her lyrics, timeless. Startlingly beautiful” - The Sunday Times