Neu! Neu!

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\'Fresh after leaving Kraftwerk in the fall of 1971 for what they perceived to be a lack of vision, guitarist Michael Rother and drummer Klaus Dinger formed their own unit and changed the face of German rock forever - eventually influencing their former employer, Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk. The 1974 album Autobahn was a genteel reconsideration of the music played here. Neu! created a sound that was literally made for cruising in an automobile. While here in the States people were flipping out over \"Radar Love\" by Golden Earring, if they\'d known about this first Neu! disc, they would never have bothered. Dinger\'s mechanical, cut time drumming and Rother\'s two-note bass runs adorned with cleverly manipulated and dreamy guitar riffs and fills were the hallmarks of the \"motorik\" sound that would become the band\'s trademark. On \"Hallogallo\", which opens the disc, the listener encounters a timeless rock